who the **** is hannah johnson?

I clean up nice but you can't take me anywhere.


Oh, hey. I'm Hannah Johnson. I'm from Canada (I was born on the East coast, raised in Southern Ontario, and spent my early twenties in Toronto. I currently live in London, where I work and write freelance, and I also occasionally make "art", "DJ", and "model", usually as creative collaborations with pals. I started my little site AN AESTHETIC FEAST in 2008 as an outlet for writing about all the things that excited me as a naïve teen, and that outlet ended up creating a lot of amazing opportunities over the last eight years. In May 2011, I came on board with Jane Pratt's XOJANE as a contributing editor, mainly writing about beauty, fashion and entertainment. Over the years came sporadic contributions for ROOKIE and Slice and the Beauty Decoder column (print/online) with Canada's FLARE magazine which ran for 2 and half years.

Since May 2013 I've been contributing to
XOVAIN, xoJane's sister site devoted entirely to all things beauty, and I've also done makeup tutorials for FASHION.  For the most updates on what and where I'm writing outside of this site, I'd recommend checking out my TWITTER.

In addition to all of that, I like to eat (cheese and carbs, mainly), spend all my money on candles, weird jumpsuits and records, and hang out with dogs.


If you have any questions about anything, or inquiries about advertising or collaborating, please EMAIL ME here.

If you're interested in connecting in the realms of social media, I'm on TWITTER and have a personal INSTAGRAM as well as ONE FOR THIS SITE, and my Snapchat is hannah_ejo. You can also "LIKE" THIS PAGE ON FACEBOOK. Whew! Let's keep in touch.