You'll notice on the front page, this site's content is divided into certain categories. Here's a bit more clarity on what those entail.

INTERVIEWS - my conversations with women in the creative industries. Advice and insights on the highs and lows of making it in the 21st century, told from a first-person perspective.
BEAUTY - countless years of writing about the topic has left me with loads of opinions. Features on my favourite products, tips and tricks, and a rotating guide to what's in my makeup bag or on my skincare shelf.
STYLE - a look at what I've been wearing, what I want to wear, and what I think everyone should be wearing. Outfit posts and shopping guides for the sartorially inclined.
PLAYLISTS - the best way to show you care is with a mixtape. These are my digital dedications.
VIBES - my mood boards, changing with the seasons and reflecting the visual landscaped of my brain. Or something to that effect.
ART 'N' DESIGN - pretty straightforward, art and design that I dig, and some of my own art, too.
OUT 'N' ABOUT - travel, parties, restaurants and events, a visual diary on life about town.
LIFE STUFF - opinions and personal writing, 'cause sometimes I've just got to vent.
MISC - all the things that don't fit anywhere else.

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This website spawned out of the fact that, despite starting a lifestyle blog in 2008, many years passed and I was no longer the same person I had been in 2008. Change is crazy.

Or, maybe I just got tired of shouting, "AN AESTHETIC FEAST" at loud, crowded parties when people asked me the name of my website. Whatever the reason was, I needed something new. 


Good question. My life has always been about finding a balance between many things, and in adulthood it has been about managing my responsibilities and personal goals with my less admirable traits that can sometimes get in the way. I've come to accept the fact that I'm never going to be the most graceful, the most put-together or the most, well, "perfect" woman out there, but that isn't really any reason to feel shamed or inferior. I think there's something to be said about a person who can embrace their grittier side, and that there's an elegance to accepting your imperfections.

If that's too clunky of an explanation for you, then here: Elegant Dirtbag is about enjoying Big Macs as much as caviar. It's about staying out until 5 A.M. on a Friday night and then spending Saturday doing laundry and using stupidly expensive face masks to undo the damage. Most of all, it's about a high-low balance, because I'm a Libra and I believe that kind of junk. Take it easy and keep it sleazy.